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Divokej Bill

Czech folk rock rock seen live Czech Republic

Divokej Bill=Wild Bill
An 8-piece Czech band from Úvaly near Prague, formed in 1996. DB is both hated and loved by many because of its simple but sometimes quite catchy lyrics and music where we can hear many instruments, but is not too complex in the first place.
It is hard to define what genre Divokej Bill is. Sometimes its music is defined as folk rock, celtic rock, country and so on; members think it might be "redneck rock" as they are from a small town and are influenced by it.
DB has attended a lot of festivals in last few years like its home Ouvalskej bigbít, Rock for People or Masters of Rock. DB also does a lot of its own gigs nationwide.
Divokej Bill is closely related to Medvěd 009 because they are both from Úvaly, and Vašek Bláha is a singer and guitarist in both bands.

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Divokej Bill has published photos.
6) Cesta
8) Mrtvej
9) Bill
12) Lásko
13) Dávno
17) Archa
22) Olgoj
25) Brouk