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dark electro idm industrial electronic progressive death metal

There are a number of artist by that name


Side projects: Oxyd & Headdreamer

Disharmony is a project, that has originated during the summer of 2001 and after a smaller experimentation and deeper exploring and searching of themselves has collected material, that complexy presents confessions and musical feelings of what's hiding in both protagonists.

Minimalisthicaly sounding surfaces wrapped with harmonical surfaces and mysterious atmospheres and characteristical marks of this Slovak project

Disharmony consists of: Ryby and Lord Shadow.

2) The instrumental metal group behind the album Reversed Involution.

3) DISHARMONY is a heavy/doom/progressive metal band, based in Athens/Greece.


Chris Kounelis (Vocals)
John Karousiotis (Guitar)
Stavros Gatsopoulos (Guitar)
Panagiotis Gatsopoulos (Bass)
Thanos Pappas (Drums)

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“Harmony Realms” (Demo, 1996)
“When Purity Withers” (Demo, 1999)
“Shades of Insanity” (CD, 2010 – Yet To Be Released)


Multiple live performances nationwide with the latest ones being
their appearance at Syros Festival 2009 (at the island of Syros) and
an appearance together with HEATHENDOM and VERSUS HEAVEN at
the Rodeo Club in Athens (May 2010).


***January 2000 – “When Purity Withers” was chosen as “Best
Release” by Metal Hammer magazine (Greece), scoring 9/10
points by Spyros Antoniou (SEPTICFLESH), 9/10 by Efthimis
Karadimas (NIGHTFALL) and 8/10 by Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST)
***June 2010 – “Shades of Insanity” was chosen as “Suggestion of
The Month” by Metal Hammer magazine (Greece).
***"A Greek band that really deserves everyone’s attention!” – Rock
Hard magazine (Greece)
***“This is a real MUST. I hope for this stuff to be released soon as an
official album. Hey labels out there. Open your ears.” – Forgotten- (Greece)
***“Once again DISHARMONY manages to amaze with an LP that opens
a lot of possibilities for the band’s future.” – (Greece)
***“Hey 'Disharmony', what are you waiting for guys? Well, its fair

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