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Dirk Schoufs

Dirk Schoufs (1962-1991) was a contrabassist and one of the founding members of the Belgian trio Vaya Con Dios, formed in 1986 by lead singer Dani Klein, Willy Lambregt, and himself.

After a short stint with the group, he left Vaya Con Dios in the late '80s to collaborate with Isabelle Antena, whom he had met when Isabelle and Vaya Con Dios were on a Belgian music tour together in 1987, bringing with him Vaya drummer Marco De Meersman and Fritz Sundermann, crack jazz guitarist and son of Freddy Sunder. The quartet formed the new creative core for Isabelle Antena's next album, Les Derniers Guerriers Romantique, a conceptual work released in April 1991 and intended as a celebration of the love affair between Isabelle and Dirk (the two had been married by then). However tragedy struck on May 24 when Schoufs died.

Dirk Schoufs has published photos.