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Dieter Nuhr

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    Dieter Nuhr is a German comedian born November 29, 1960 in Wesel. From 1981 to 1989, Nuhr studied art and history at the Folkwang-Schule (Folkwang School) in Essen, Germany|Essen. From 1982 to 1987 he attended Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet in Duesseldorf.

    From 1982 to 1992, he was an active artist. His works were exhibited in Rheinland. In 1987 he appeared as a cabarettist for the first time and starting in 1992, he worked as a professional cabarettist; he arranged his first solo stage program. He became famous for his numerous television appearances in the past few years appearing in Quatsch Comedy club and 7 Tage – 7 Koepfe (lit. 7 days – 7 heads). Today, he lives in Ratingen.

    Nuhr is regarded as a mediator between classical comedy and new Stand-up comedy. In his work, he often caricatures the typical German know-it-all. A typical example is his Standardspruch that he uses on nearly every appearance and which is frequently quoted in web forum|forums and Newsgroup|Newsgroup due to its very provocative nature is, "Wenn man keine Ahnung hat: Einfach mal Fresse halten," which translates to, "If you don't have a clue: just keep your mouth shut."


    *Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis (1998)
    *Bayerischer Kabarettpreis (Bavarian Cabaret Awards) (2000)
    *Morenhovener Lupe (2000)
    *Deutscher Comedy-Preis: Bester Liveact (German Comedy-Prize: best Live Act) (2003)

    ==CD albums==

    *Nuhr am Noergeln, lit. Nuhr grousing (1994)
    *Nuhr weiter so (1996)
    *Nuhr nach vorn (1998)
    * (2000)
    * (2002)
    *Ich bin's Nuhr (2004)


    *Quatsch Comedy Club 1&2
    *Nuhr vom Feinsten (2004)

    ==External links==

    * official InterNet site (German)
    * Nuhr in the WDR Comedy portal

    Dieter Nuhr has published photos.