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    There are at least three artists with this name:
    1. A pop singer
    2. A remix group
    3. Abbreviation of Deepearth.void

    Devin Star Tailes (born July 2, 1989), better known by her stage name Dev, is an American recording artist. She was discovered by The Cataracs when she made an Amy Winehouse cover and posted it onto MySpace back in 2008. Dev's song Booty Bounce was sampled in Far East Movement's hit single Like a G6 which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and sold over two million downloads in the country. Dev was signed to Universal Republic in October 2010 and released her first official single, Bass Down Low in December. The song debuted at number ninety-four in the US. Dev's debut album, The Night the Sun Came Up, is set for 20 September 2011 release.

    Dev was born in Tracy, California to Lisa, a real estate agent, and Riki Tailes, a painting contractor. Dev grew up in Manteca and is of Mexican and Portuguese descent. She has two younger sisters, Sierra Sol and Maezee Lua. At the age of four, she started swimming and was part of the U.S Olympic development program. She graduated from Sierra High School, where she was a member of a band and a choir. Soon, she attended San Joaquin Delta College, studying English and art history.

    She made a cover of an Amy Winehouse song that she described as being "super-weird and super-different". She recorded the song off her MacBook and made it in response to her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, calling it a "diss track". A friend of hers posted the song onto MySpace, and production team The Cataracs noticed it and contacted Dev. She dropped out of college during her freshman year to pursue her singing career. Six months later, Dev and the Cataracs' song "2night" began to gain exposure on the radio, the television channel mtvU and the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart. In 2009, Dev moved to Los Angeles to produce music with The Cataracs.

    Dev's "sing-talk" vocal style have been compared to fellow pop singer Ke$ha. Dev responded to this, saying, "I'm confident enough in what I do that people will see me for who I am … I get why people compare us but once people see me live they won't connect us as much. I am a much better artist, with real talent." While comparing her to Ke$ha, Idolator wrote that "Dev's beats come off a bit more mellow and her songs a little bit more electro than pop." In response to being compared to both Ke$ha and Uffie, Dev said, "I just feel that I have a lot more to say and the ability to have an eclectic sound, a very diverse pop album. I'm not bashing either artist, but I'm going to be able to give you a little bit more then what you've heard on those records. When my album comes out, hopefully I won't have to hear another reference or comparison." Much of Dev's music is inspired by hip hop, as she believes that fans respond to "pop music but with rap roots". She said, "I've always been into hip-hop. Eminem changed my life when I was younger." The Hollywood Reporter compared her "futuristic" and "pulsing" sound to underground electroclash musicians Peaches and Yelle. Dev's musical genres have been cited as electro-crunk, electropop, and electro hop.

    2) An OC Remixer who remixes video game music. They are the source of the Final Fantasy remixes. The pop singer Dev played no part in them.

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