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Desmod is hard rock / pop rock band from Nitra, Slovakia with mixed music style history. The existence of the band is dated from 1996. Then few boys with metal *feelings* created a music group with the name Caiman. Later they found Desmod more appealing. (Derived from Desmodus rotundus - Common Vampire Bat.)
Now group has 5 members: Kuly /vocal/, Jano Skorec /battery/, Riso Syncak /guitar/, Dusan Minka /bassguitar/, Riso Nagy /guitar/.
The music style of the band can be described as pop with very slight nu-metal background.
Some goals of Desmod:
- 1996 - success in prestige music competition: Malboro Rock In
- 1997 - first music DEMO
- 1998 - first single "Hnoj" released with big success
- 2000 - first album of the band *001* and first clip at song *Je mi fajn*.
- 2001 - second album *Mam chut*; second clip at song *Umely svet*; nomination on Slovak Grammy 2001
- 2002 - next video-clip at *Mam na to liek*.
- 2003 - new album *Derylov svet*; start Deryl tour around the Slovakia (14 concerts); live clip to song "Hemeroidy"; "Hemeroidy" become a big hit of Desmod even though that song should not be on album;
Desmod as opening group on the legendary band (Motorhead) concert.
*Derylov svet* become Golden album and is festoon by Golden disc.
- 2004 - Desmod achieve for *Derylov svet* Platinum disc; nomination on Aurel; album *Skupinova terapia* is recorded; Kuly and Z. Smatanova recording new big hit named *Par dni*.
This song achieve statuette Aurel and Golden warbler (prestige music estimation in Slovakia). New tour started.
- 2005 - Another tour of Desmod; a lot of awards and successes.
- 2006 - The last album *Uhol pohladu* at the moment; the big hits "V dolinach", “Niekto ti to povie”, “Zhori vsetko co mam”
- 2007 - In january they dropped out they first DVD *Live in Garage*
- new album was appeared in the end of the year. The newest album is *Uhol pohľadu*, the hits : "Čierna diera", "Zober ma domov", "Lavíny"

Desmod has published photos.