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Dead Vertical

grindcore death metal indonesia Brutal Death Metal Grind

Dead Vertical, a band that was founded on 22 November 2001 in a suburb in East Jakarta, with initial formation Iwan-Vocals, Boy Guitars / Backing vocals, Bony-Bass-Drums and Andriano. As time goes by as usual then other bands Dead Vertical has undergone several personnel changes, either during the mid 2003 Andriano (Drums) resigned because of busy work, then his position was replaced by Ben which lasted until March 2004 (after the first album release " The phenomenon of the End Times ") and then he resigned. Furthermore, the position of drummer was replaced by Arya (Formyblood) until now. In late 2005 Blue (Vocals) resigned because of busy work and was replaced by the Boy Vocals position while still holding the position of Guitars.

Dead Vertical has the meaning of the "death VERTICAL RELATIONS BETWEEN PEOPLE WITH GOD." The name is inspired by the phenomenon of life in an era now where the world has been filled with hatred, chaos, massacres, and misdirection globally because many people who have forgotten their God.

Dead Vertical influence by bands such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Slayer, Sepultura, Brutal Truth, Righteous Pigs, Massacre, Nasum, Lock Up, Rotten Sound and others. The lyrics are shouted themed around social and daily life that is packaged in a genre of Grindcore. Dead Until now Vertical has produced several musical works, among others, Split tape with Philippine-hardcore band Human Error (No Label rec 2003), My First "The phenomenon of the End Times" (The Eye Music 2004), Mini Album "Global Madness" (Dead Vertical 2006) and some Death Metal-Hardcore album "infecting the world" on 2008.

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