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Dash Berlin

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    Dash Berlin is the future.

    Dash Berlin is a true DJ at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of dance music. He is often described as an invigorating and charismatic newcomer, with the unique ability to leave a long-lasting impression upon his audience well after the night is over. Dash is one of those rare individuals that seems to understand the unwritten laws of the nightclub by nature. He keeps his ever expanding, nocturnal following alert, ecstatic and craving for more, with remarkable precision and skill. One could easily mistake him for a superstar deejay. However, the truth remains that Dash Berlin views the world through the same eyes as his public. "It's virtually impossible to make progress without the continuing support of the people", he humbly said.

    Dash Berlin, was born as Jeff X. Sutorius, in November 1979, in The Hague, the Netherlands. A family with wide musical tastes surrounded him and because of his late father, who was a distinguished drummer in a jazz band; Dash became acquainted with the typical marks of rhythmic music at a very young age. While still at high school, he became a devoted fan of electronic music, regularly enjoying mix tapes that his older sister brought home from the clubs she worked at as a professional dancer.

    In his late teens, Dash Berlin started working at a record shop and became a dedicated vinyl collector with a fascination for melodic, synthesized house music, subsequently known as "Trance". Inspired by pioneering figures such as; Sven Väth, Oliver Lieb and Sander Kleinenberg, he slowly but surely started to develop his own innovative style of mixing and producing. His hidden work ethic seemed not to be about producing more, but rather less and differently. It is this vision that still sets him apart in a crowded and highly competitive scene.

    Propelled by his passion, he literally performed everywhere, from nine-hour long gigs in shopping malls to the notorious illegal Dutch warehouse parties. During his set on the world famous Love Parade, Dash decided to incorporate the word 'Berlin' in his artist name. "It's an ode to a metropolis and her engaging, urban landscape," he said, "Where I have seen more then a million people dancing on the streets, in the in the spirit of an ever-evolving Europe".

    In early 2006, he teamed up with fellow producers and close friends, Molijn & Kalberg, who were regular customers at his record shop. "These guys are amazing visionaries and astonishing studio wizards, they are the foundation of my sound" Dash remarked, "I still learn from them every day".

    Together they designed an ambitious and unprecedented new sound of Trance, quickly labeled as the "Dash Berlin Sound". Futuristic, scintillating, but above all, moving and emotive music that relates to the universal dance floor experience, shared by innumerable music fans from multifarious cultures around the globe. Although a vigorous believer in political awareness, the message of Dash Berlin is simple; "It's all about having a good time again," he stated, "The art of celebrating life resonates inside of everyone".

    In 2007, none other than Armin van Buuren revealed his newfound discovery to the world and featured Dash Berlin's debut record "Till The Sky Falls Down" on his legendary 'Universal Religion' album. The track became one of the most memorable, global anthems that year and remains one of the cultivated blueprints of the new Trance renaissance. The black & white music video that complimented the radio mix was shot in the heart of Berlin proper. The clip grew to be a genuine labor of love, using the latest in digital cinematography, and successfully avoided the typical clichés of contemporary dance music videos.

    In the beginning of 2009, under the mighty wings of Armada Music, plans emerged to expand the Dash Berlin universe with his very own label called 'Aropa'. It represents an eclectic high-quality outlet for Dash Berlin's avant-garde productions and collaborations. The label will also be a solid foundation for rising talent and established like-minded artists. "The Aropa brand holds a deeper connotation too", Dash revealed, "It also stands for the axiom of sharing art, inspiration and creativity". The first release is the monster anthem "Man On The Run", which is a prolific collaboration with fellow Armada artists Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren. The track sky rocketed to the top of the international Trance charts and received a prestigious nomination for 'Best Trance Track' at the annual Trance Awards.

    October 2009 brought the global release of Dash Berlin's critically acclaimed debut album: "The New Daylight". Besides being a varied collection of styles, it also features instant classics such as: "Till The Sky Falls Down", "Man On The Run", "Waiting" and "Never Cry Again". 2009 ended with a reverberating bang, when listeners voted for a large number of Dash Berlin tracks and remixes in the 'A.S.O.T. End Of Year 250'. With "Man On The Run" standing out at number 5, the anthemic "Waiting" even went neck-and-neck with number one, ending at a respectable second place as the A.S.O.T. Tune Of The Year.

    2010 promises to be another momentous year for Dash Berlin. In January, his 'New Daylight 2010 World Tour' kicked off in Australia and due to an overwhelming public demand, the "Flying Dutchman" is scheduled to jet to every corner of the world. From the hottest nightclubs to festivals with crowds numbering in the thousands, Dash connects with his audiences in a magical way that has spawned a worldwide following. This following is backed by a massive online presence through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social networking platforms. His dedicated fans actively vote for him when it matters the most. This loyal support already resulted in an astonishing number 20 DJ List position early in the year. It also gained him honorable spots on the ' Future Stage' at Trance Energy and the A.S.O.T. 450 Celebration, which are two of the largest and most essential Trance events in the world. Last years voting rewarded him with an esteemed nomination for 'Best Break Through Artist', this year Dash Berlin was nominated an astonishing three times at the International Dance Music Awards.

    In February, Dash raised the bar with a pioneering 42-minute long 'Flashback' YouTube video mix, which received more than a hundred thousand views within a few weeks after uploading. Other 'Dash Berlin TV' videos are breaking records as well, with millions of views from all over the planet. With the creation and release of a free Dash Berlin iPhone app, the hard working deejay reaffirms his forward-thinking multimedia mindset.

    In March 2010, after mixing various popular Armada compilations, Dash Berlin released his very first official and long-awaited mix album aptly named 'United Destination'. This double-CD is a reflection of his recent gigs with a top selection of tracks straight from his record bag into two seamless deejay mixes.

    Stay tuned for much more; hence Dash Berlin is the future…

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