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Danzel is a Belgian house and dance singer who reached the Top 10 in late 2004 with the single "Pump It Up".

Danzel alias Johan Waem was born in Beveren-Waas, Belgium on November 9, 1976.
He was 1 of the 20 finalists of the Belgian Idols; "Idool 2003".


"You Are All Of That"
You Are All Of That was the first single released by Ministry Of Sound in late 2003 in the UK Singles Charts. The first single of the English DJ Danzel was a failure, reaching the Number 80 in the UK Singles Charts, and the Number 69 in the UK Dance Charts. The single wasn't promoted outside the UK and Ireland, that peaked at the Number 85.

"Pump It Up"
Pump It Up was the second single from the British DJ Danzel, released by Ministry Of Sound UK. The single was a Massive-Hit in all the DanceFloors of all the UK Clubs and Discos. In the UK Dance Chart, the single reached the Number 2, and it become a Hit. The single was also released in Europe and Australia being a Hit in the Dance and Club Charts. "Pump It Up" reached the Number 9 in the Australian Top Charts and peaked at the Number 3 in the Australian Club Charts, and in the European Singles Charts, the single was another Hit, peaking at the Number 7 in the German Singles Charts and the Number 11 in France. "Pump It Up" also was released in the USA, reaching the Number 15 in the Dance Charts. The single sold more 500,000 copies worldwide.

"Put Your Hands In The Air!"
Put Your Hands In The Air! is the third single from the English DJ Danzel, released in 2005. The single was released in the United Kingdom, in May 2005, and peaked at the #21. The single was a Hit in the UK Dance Charts, reaching the Number 6 and was a MAssive-Hit in the UK-Clubs. The single was released one month later in Europe ans Asia, but with the single hasn't generated much interest outside the UK, peaking at the #40 in Ireland and France, and in Germany peaked at #52. In the United States, the single was only had a Physical Release in the USA Charts.

"My Arms Keep Missing You"
The fourth single, My Arms Keep Missing You was released again by Ministry Of Sound, and it has been released in the summer of 2006. Danzel's new single was a cover of the British DJ F.R.A.N.K. The single didn't performed as well as the last single "Pump It Up", being released only in Australia, peaking at the position Number 74. The single was also released in the Spanish Charts, but only as a Physical Release. The single had a minor success in the Ibiza Clubs, but was a Summer Hit. In Spain, the single was included in a Summer Compilation called "Disco Estrella Volume 9", album released by the Spanish Recording Label ValeMusic Spain, a subsidiary of SonyBMG Spain. The single is released in late 2006 in the British Charts.

The single has been released in the UK Dance Charts, rising the Number 9, but soon, leaving the Top 10 Dance, reaching in the second week the Number 11.

Countries where Danzel had success: United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (IRE), Australia (AUS), France (FRA), Germany (GER), United States (USA), Netherlands (NL), China (CHN), Japan (JPN), Spain (SPA), Italy (ITA) and Belgium (BEL).

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