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    Danielson Famile (aka Danielson) is a band from Clarksboro, New Jersey, that plays a quirky blend of Indie pop and gospel music. They are also a notable example of Bass-Pop, perhaps more fittingly called Avant-Pop. The members of the band are Daniel Smith and his siblings Megan Smith (Megan Slaboda), David Smith, Rachel Smith (Rachel Galloway), Andrew Smith, wife Elin K. Smith, and friend Chris X. Smith (Chris Palladino). Recently, Sufjan Stevens has joined the band as an adopted member of the family, playing banjo on the album Brother Is to Son and touring with them when possible.

    Distinguishing characteristics of the band include frontman Daniel Smith's squeaky falsetto and sometimes nasally vocals. The band also incorporates visuals into some of its performance such as matching costumes and encouraging audience participation of clap-alongs, hand gestures and dance moves. Some appearances have seen Daniel playing a guitar while inside a costume of a ten foot tree bearing nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    Members of Danielson Famile portray a proud DIY attitude within many aspects of their work. All of Danielson's album artwork is done by Daniel himself, with the exception of the construction paper inserts of the two Tri-Danielson albums which were done by Chris. The animation in their music videos for the songs Headz in the Cloudz and Rubbernecker feature stop motion animation done by Chris. The band members' uniforms begin as Daniel's vision and then are designed by Megan. Although all the girls participate in the sewing, the driving force behind the construction is Marian, their mother.

    Danielson has published photos.