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Dandi Wind

electropunk electronic experimental Avant-Garde Canadian

Dandi Wind was started in 2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Dandilion Wind Opaine (vocals) and Szam Findlay (music) following Dandilion’s 3 year collaboration with Szam as a sculptor and animator accompanying his instrumental music. They were joined in 2006 by Evan Pierce (drums).

They have released 8 eps/singles, two full length albums (Concrete Igloo, Yolk Of The Golden Egg), and a remix album (Sacrificial).

"Doing to the humble pop stage what hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans".
- Less Common

"I've not once seen a performance where they didn't put the other bands on the bill to shame"

"Personally, I'm quite prepared to be slightly alarmed in the name of such a good cause… "
- Drowned in Sound

"The boundless energy of Axl Rose with the compelling singularity of Kate Bush"
- i-D

"It's music like this that makes me wish i knew how to dance like Napoleon Dynamite."
- Artrocker

"Modern scream crossbreeds of colourised fifties rock'n'roll and tribalized dance beats"
- Plan B

"Blending music and performance art into one beautiful listening experience."
- Discorder

"Music to dance to, or to see in a blurry sunrise after trashing your friend's new flat"
- One Week to Live

Dandi Wind has published photos.