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Daïtro was a French band from Lyon, France. They formed in 2000 as a four-piece band, but following the departure of their original bass player, Gwen and Aurelien joined, and they played as a five-piece from then on. The line-up consists of lead singer Aurelien Verdant, guitarist and singer Julien Paget, bassist Gwenaël Grosclaude, guitarist Samuel Moncharmont and drummer Benoît Desvignes. They announced in 2012 that they were breaking up, and most of the members have moved on to other musical endeavours.

Daïtro plays a brand of chaotic hardcore punk that closely resembles that of the original screamo movement of the 1990s. They share many stylistic similarities with American bands like Orchid, as well as with other bands from the European screamo scene such as Raein, La Quiete and Sed Non Satiata. Their influences include several earlier screamo and post-hardcore bands, including At The Drive-in, Refused and Envy.

• Daïtro 7" (Alchimia. 2002)
• Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme CD (Alchimia. 2004)
• Split w/ Raein 10" (ApeMustNotKillApe and Purepainsugar. 2004)
• Split w/ Raein and Lhasa CD (Oto Records and Satire Records. 2004)
• Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes LP/CD (Last Day of June and Purepainsugar. 2005)
• 02-05 Retrospective CD (Beneficial self-release on the 2006 UK/Japan tour. 2005)
• Split w/ Ampere 7" (Clean Plate and Purepainsugar. 2007)
• US Tour 7" (Clean Plate. 2007)
• 2002-2005 Discography (Alchimia. 2007)
• Split w/ Sed Non Satiata LP/CD (Flower of Carnage, Puzzle and Adagio830. 2007)
• Discography Tape (Utarid Tapes. 2008)
• Y LP/CD (Purepainsugar. 2009)
• Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme 10" (Music Fear Satan, Re-Release 2010)
• Vinyl Collected LP (Adagio830. 2010)

Daïtro has published photos.