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There are two artists that have gone by the name "Dynamic".
1) Psytrance duo from Israel. They are and Ben Avital and Shay Elmakaies. Their songs on Psytisfaction CDs hit the full-on hearted minds …

2) Urban Soul, group "Dynamic" operates out of California's Bay Area. They have released two albums. The first, "Photosynthesis" was heavily influenced by hip hop and the vocal style of Dynamic's drummer/lead vocalist Darian Gray. The second album, self titled, has leaned more toward RnB, soul, jazz and funk. (Sometimes referred to as "Urban Soul" or "New Soul") This new sound is accompanied by a new female lead vocalist, Kimiko Joy. The group is filled out usually by keyboardist Colin Hogan, Guitarist Tommy Gun, Trombonist Jeanne Geiger and Trumpet player Tobias Barr.

Dynamic has published photos.