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DJ Wich

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DJ Wich, Czech Republic’s prominent hip-hop DJ and producer, gained recognition mainly as the member of the hip-hop duo Indy & Wich. Being one of the few skilled hip-hop producers in Czech Republic, he got to collaborate with a variety of both established and upcoming Czech/Slovak hip-hop stars (Orion, LA4, Kontrafakt to name a few).

In 2004 DJ Wich released a solo debut Time Is Now, featuring Wladimir, Indy, K-Otix and other guest MCs.

In the same year, a mixtape called Work Affair showed off Wich’s skills combined with a starry line-up of Son Doobie, Rasco, Louis Logic, Phife Dang and other.

Despite his undisputable success in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland, DJ Wich has yet to prove himself fit for international recognition.

Time Is Now, 2004, MadDrum

A1 Beats Under Rhymes (Intro)
A2 Du Dolu
Featuring - Kateřina Winterová , Wladimir (2)
A3 Z Akou Merou
Featuring - Cistychov
A4 Seems That… (Skit)
B1 Time Is Now
Featuring - K-Otix
B2 Nie Precjoza
Featuring - WWO
B3 No Matter What The Style (Skit)
C1 1000 Mcs
Featuring - Indy
C2 Podjebu Ju
Featuring - David Coko , Kontrafakt
C3 Easy (Skit)
D1 Colgate White
Featuring - Promoe
D2 Jadro Kudla
Featuring - Supercrooo
D3 Step Up
Featuring - Trafik (2)
E1 Co To Hra
Featuring - Vec
E2 No Pod
Featuring - Mischelle , Tina (5)
E3 Supercharger
Featuring - Mod The Black Marvel
F1 Pobrezni Hlidka
Featuring - Orion (9)
F2 1994 - 2004
Featuring - LA4 (2)
F3 Last Night (Skit)
F4 Beating Of My Heart (Outro)

The Golden Touch, 2008, Skoop

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