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DJ Visage

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DJ VISAGE was an Austrian dance/pop-project consisting of the producers Martin Sig & Norbert Reichart.

At the age of 16, Martin Sig began to work as DJ in Denmark. At the age of 19, he took a DJ tour all over the Europe. At the same time he recorded some demo tapes in several studios. They were never released. In 1997 he met the producer NORBERT REICHART and together they founded the project DJ VISAGE

It all happened back in June 1997 in Monza, Italy, when successful music producer NORBERT REICHART during Formula 1 racing met the Danish Dee Jay Martin Sig that goes by stage name DJ VISAGE. The brilliant idea to produce a club hymn about one and only first class racing was born.

This first single called "Formula" released back in 1997 in short period of time became world-wide hit entering the top places in major CHART all over the world. "Formula" was released in over 80 countries.

To catch attention of the German market in July 1998 remix of "Formula" was released as "Formula '98". Similar to original version, this particular single immediately climbed into Top Charts in Germany. There was also video recorded to this track.

In November 1998 long awaited new single Geil! was released accompanied by heavy promotional efforts as T-shirts, GEIL! condoms, stickers etc were given away.

In May 1999 next smash-hit by DJ VISAGE took off: "The Return". This one is a cover version of worldwide Hit #1 by A. Bocells & S. Brightman. The feedback from DJ was overwhelming.

Norbert and Martin were looking for the DJ VISAGE right partner to sing the refrain of "The Return". They found her in Copenhagen, Denmark. Clarissa is a wonderful 23 yeard old girl. Born in Denmark but lives in Münich, Germany already proved to be a talented girl. She sings, dances do choreography and has good stage experience. On the tp of all that she also got the look! She became perfect partner for DJ VISAGE.

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