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DJ Ross

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Rossano Prini a.k.a. DJ Ross is an Italian dance artist born August 13, 1973.

His career begins at 17 years old, when he play as resident dj in different locals of north-Italy and in collaboration with some recording studios, as long as in the '93 he enters in the record world, departing from “Discomagic”, then to “Self Distribuzione” and then with Luca Mensi to “Email Records” and from the '98 he becomes A and R manager of “Time Records”, with which he creates the sub-Label “SPY Records”. With SPY Records he discovers in these years different talents amongst the most important artists of the Italian and foreigner dance panorama. In these years at Time Records, Ross creates new important productions as THE LAWYER and EMAGIC feat. Nancy with Nick Ferrando and Stefano Marcato. It was born a collaboration with Tristano De Bonis and Luca Mensi; they creates MAGIC BOX and ERIKA, overwhelming the Italian and foreigners charts with their different tracks. In 2001 it begins the collaboration with Paolo Sandrini and it was born "Dreamland", the first success marked DJ ROSS, then follows “Emotion” and it begins the tours in Italy and in different countries of the world, creating the SPY PARTY with the other DJ ROSS’s artists, like S.M.S., M@D, etc. It follows the traks "Smile" and “Floating in Love", bringing him to be always present in the Italian and foreigners charts. In 2004 DJ Ross, Magic Box and Erika flyght to St. Paul in Brazil for the first concert live together, the "PLANET POP FESTIVAL" getting a big success; they bliss it in the year 2005 with a very big approval of the fans! In the meantime it was born the “LABEL73”, another sub-Label of Time Records taken care of by Rossano, which handles also with other kind of music, and success like: SQUEEZE UP feat. Rod Fame and TEISHAN "You Isla Bonita" and BEATS and STYLES "Dance Dance Dance" arrive! In 2005 DJ ROSS VS. DY "Get Up" is released (always in production with Paolo Sandrini and sung by William Naraine of DOUBLE YOU) and it immediately arouses a big interest with the Label partners, getting licenses in different countries of the world. Soon after the release of "Beat Goes On" comes.

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