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DJ Muggs

Hip-Hop trip-hop rap Cypress Hill hip hop

    Muggs (born: Lawrence Muggerud), also called DJ Muggs, started out in the short-lived rap group The 7A3 before helping found what would become one of the most respected and popular rap groups of all time: Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill have now released seven studio albums and a lot of singles, a few EP's, and even a live album. But Muggs' career is not limited only to his rap group, he is one of the main people behind the Soul Assassins albums that feature some of the best rappers in the world, and has released a solo album, Muggs - Dust, with a dark trip-hop feel to it (A few years before that he was colaborste with Tricky and Grease on album Juxtapose). Muggs has also done a lot of production work and remixes for artists like House of Pain, Funkdoobiest, Ice Cube, GZA/Genius, and many more.

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