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René Baumann (born January 5, 1968 in Kölliken, Switzerland, to Italian father Luigi Cipiriano and Swiss mother Ruth Baumann) also known as DJ BoBo, is a successful musician.

As a dance music producer, his first big success came with the single Somebody Dance with Me, which is similar in sound to Rockwell's, "Somebody's Watching Me". The single hit number one in Switzerland. After this, he charted well with the singles Keep on Dancing and Take Control.

René has received numerous golds and platinums for his songs and has found success in Europe (primarily Germany and Switzerland) and South America. René's more recent songs are a departure from , but he still produces decent tracks such as Moscow (2001), No More Pain (2003), and Amazing Life (2005).

One of his singles, Chihuahua, was used in a Spanish Coca-Cola commercial. In 2003 it was re-released due to its huge success and it ended being the second best selling single of the year world wide. In December 2004, the Cantonese version of Chihuahua was written by Wyman Wong as the theme song of the same product. This version was performed by Joey Yung.

In 2004, as a result of the success of Chihuahua, René was awarded the Swiss award for Showbusiness at the Swiss awards, an annual event meant to recognise high achieving Swiss people.

As well as being a performer and producer, René is also a talented choreographic dancer.

During 1993 René met Nancy Rentzsch; she joined his team in 1995. René and Nancy became a couple and in 2002 they married and had two children, Jamiro Rene (born October 8, 2002) and Kayley Nancy (born September 29, 2006).

DJ Bobo’s became a United Nations World Food Programme National Ambassador Against Hunger in October 2006, becoming the first Swiss celebrity to take up the role. He was also a participant in the 2006 Geneva Walk the World event.

On October 11, 2006 DJ Bobo announced in a press conference that he has applied to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with his song "Vampires are alive".
UPDATE - Swiss broadcaster SF have announced that René Baumann (DJ BoBo), will represent the country at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. A jury made up of music professionals will select his song for Helsinki out of 60 potential entries.



* Dance with Me (1993)
* There Is a Party (1994)
* Just for You (1995)
* World in Motion (1996)
* Magic (1998)
* The Ultimate Megamix '99 (1999)
* Level 6 (1999)
* Planet Colors (2001)
* Celebration (2002)
* Visions (2003)
* Chihuahua (2003)
* Live in Concert (2003)
* Pirates of Dance (2005)
* Greatest Hits (2006)


* I Love You (1989)
* Ladies in the House (1991)
* Let's Groove On (1991)
* Somebody Dance with Me (1992)
* Keep on Dancing (1993)
* Take Control (1994)
* Everybody (1994)
* Let the Dream Come True (1994)
* Love Is All Around (1995)
* There Is a Party (1995)
* Freedom (1995)
* Love Is the Price (1996)
* Pray (1996)
* Respect Yourself (1996)
* It's My Life (1997)
* Shadows of the Night (1997)
* Where Is Your Love (1998)
* Around the World (1998)
* Celebrate (1998)
* Together (1999)
* Lies (1999)
* What a Feeling (2001)
* Hard to Say I'm Sorry (2001)
* Colors of Life (2001)
* Celebration (2002)
* I Believe (2003)
* Chihuahua (2003)
* Pirates of Dance (2005)
* Amazing Life (2005)
* Pura Passion (2005)
* Secrets of Love (2006)

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