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    Dødsengel is the vessel to cross and combine the wraths and harmonies of the Qliphoth.
    To bask in the alternate light of the Hidden Sun, and to stretch our twelve blazing wings towards the formless Void.

    The New Form

    To evolve into the new form, as the Cainite Angel of Murder, the Vamachara Initiate must carve his primoridal clay anew. Dødsengelen inkarnert.

    The Final Liberation

    The unholy apparition cuts out of the Cycle of the flesh and is born anew as the perfect negation of earthly life.
    As omnipotent conciousness in the untrodden Æther, the being has left the emanations of Shamhamforash forever. A new existence.


    Visionary (2009)
    Mirium Occultum (2010)
    Arkaik (2010)
    Ecstatic Horror (2010)
    Alongside Choronzon (2010)
    Dødsengel (2011)
    Imperator (2012)
    Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno split with Nightbringer (2013)
    Capax Infiniti Split with Hetroertzen (2014)
    Interequinox (2017)


    Malach Adonai - Drums (ex-Saligia, Nephilim, ex-Helvetespine)
    Kark - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

    Dødsengel means "Angel of Death" in Norwegian.

    Dødsengel logo design by XenocBlood Art.

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