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CyHi The Prynce

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Konvict Muzik’s debut artist, charismatic Southern rapper CyHi The Prynce, began his industry ascendance as a member of Stone Mountain, Georgia’s infamous rap group, Hoodlum, a short-lived Def Jam Records group. After establishing himself as a successful solo artist, he has grown to become a critical favorite, known especially for his entertaining, yet truthful musical rap lyrics. Born Cydel Young, on September 15, 1984, in Atlanta, GA, Prynce grew up in the Decatur county neighborhood of Atlanta’s suburban Stone Mountain region. There he developed relationships with L.A. Reid, Clive Davis, Mark Pitts, Ludacris, Lil John, Jazzy Fe, Scarface and Keith Sweat, but he eventually joined Hoodlum. Big 4oes Chevy (2006), a Hoodlum Anthem, marked CyHi The Prynce’s lyrical debut.

Growing up, Prynce was a vibrant youth as he played several sports including football, basketball, and track and field in addition to singing in school choirs, and participating in school plays and dances. His parents, who raised Prynce in a Baptist church, were very strict in nature, as Prynce was not even allowed to listen to rap music until he was 12 years of age. Despite their ‘tough-love’, Prynce learned many lifelong lessons. Most importantly, he learned to appreciate the foundation his parents gave him realizing that his parents laid the foundation that enabled Cydel Young to remain true to who he found himself to be, CyHi The Prynce

In the latter part of 2007, Prynce became acquainted the Konvict Muzik collective and was officially signed with the label in January 2008, right before accepting a sub-label deal with Def Jam Records in February 2009. The talented star is currently gearing up for the release of his newest street anthem, entitled “Go Outside” from his debut album “The Hardway Musical”. Deemed a musical movie, this message delivering compilation is set to feature several hip hop heavyweights.

When asked about “The Hardway Musical”, the Prynce humbly states, “This album shows the emerging transformation of Prynce into CyHi The Prynce. It’s like the grooming of a prince because it displays my lyrical growth and dedication to the genre of music that hoisted me into the mainstream hip-hop music industry.”

This young, yet innovative MC embodies what many rappers lack; personality, significant lyrics, quality music and distinction. His alluring versatility has already created a positive buzz about his rap lyrics in the music industry, landing him mainstream recognition in various publications and hip hop websites.

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