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Culoe De Song

deep house House tech house african techno

    Born in the northern parts of South Africa’s east coast, Culolethu Zulu, also known as “Culoe De Song”, hasn’t looked back after putting passion in the forefront of his life. He’s been living music ever since his talent, as a Dj & Producer was acknowledged not too long ago.

    Culoe’s serious music career began in early 2007 where he produced a piece that made him a feature in Blackcoffee’s second offering, “Have Another One”. The track was named “100 Zulu Warriors” & carries a fundamental importance for Culoe De Song as he regards it as ‘his beginning’ in the circle of music in .

    "Sometimes tracks appear from somewhere u would never expect. With a little help from our friends at the redbullmusicacademy this great demo from this young producer from Durban was handed over to us. We heard a lot of great productions from South Africa during the last years but this one was so special for us that we immediately had to sign it.

    Epic African House with a strange touch we never heard before."

    Culoe De Song is Signed under Blackcoffee's (South Africa's producing king) Soulistic Music label.

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