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Crystal Waters

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Crystal Waters (born 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a female African American House/R&B/Soul singer-songwriter who enjoyed two major pop hits in the early nineties: "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" (1991) and "100% Pure Love" (1994). She is also the niece of legendary singer Ethel Waters.

"Gypsy Woman" became a worldwide hit thanks to its la da dee la dee da refrain. The track reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became even more successful in Europe, reaching #2 in the UK. Her debut album didn't spawn any other big hits. The singer made an unexpected comeback in 1994 when "100% Pure Love" hit #11 in North America and became one of the longest charting singles on the Hot 100 (45 weeks). Her 1997 self-titled album included another Top 40 hit, "Say...If You Feel Alright," but since then mainstream success has eluded her. Waters still continues to release tracks that are successful on the Hot Music/ Songs chart, such as "Come On Down" and "My Time", "Lies", "Nights In Egypt", "Dancefloor" and "Never Enough." Her output has continued to be limited to singles however the hits continued into the next decade. Some of these songs include "Masquerade" , "Le Bump" (with Yolanda Be Cool) and "Say Yeah" (credited as Crystal Waters vs. Fred Pellichero).

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