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Cristian Castro

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    Cristian Castro (born Cristian Sáenz Castro on December 8th, 1974 in Mexico City) is a Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter and actor. He is sometimes simply known as Cristian or "el Gallito Feliz" (Spanish: "The Happy Little Rooster"). He is also the lead singer of Mexican band La Esfinge (under the pseudonym "Lügh Draculea"), formed in 2014 along with ex-Maná and ex-Jaguares guitarist César "Vampiro" López.

    Castro added the "h" to his first name for the release of his successful album, "Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor" in 1999. "Christian Castro," however, is still not widely used as "Cristian Castro," and Castro actually went back to using "Cristian" on his albums until 2004.

    Castro released "Azul" in 2001, and won the "Best Latin Pop Album of the Year" award.

    Castro married Paraguayan, Gabriela Bo, in Asunción in 2003.

    Cristian Castro has published photos.