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    Swedish Black Metal band:

    Craft, formed AS "Nocta" in 1994, is a Swedish black metal band from Dalecarlia, Sweden. Their lyrical theme engulfs issues such as destruction, death and evil.

    British rock band:

    Craft was a British rock band formed by William Gilmour after leaving The Enid, together with Grant McKay Gilmour and Martin Russell. The band produced a self-titled mini-album in 1984 featuring Enid-style instrumentals based on six Signs of the Zodiac: "Aries", "Taurus", "Gemini", "Cancer", "Leo" and "Virgo".

    The expected follow-up based on the remaining six signs did not appear. The album was released on CD on the American label Kinetic Discs in 1992. The CD added two short bonus tracks, "Branislana" and "And So to Sleep", which were if anything even more heavily influenced by The Enid.

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    UK based collaboration of drummer Greg Freeman and Max Hammond vocals producing essential Hip-Hop. Up to now created one album in 2012 called 'Craft'. Personell: Vocals by Max Hammond, Anthony Simbo and Cristabel Noseda, Greg Freeman: drums, bass, guitars, synths, keys, programming, backing vocals
    Max Hammond: synths and programming. Jay Wilcox: keys (2,3,4,6 &9) vocals (5&6), Pete Josef: horns (4&7) bass (4) Maiyu Castle: violins (2, &9) Jamie Mason: piano (1)

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