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Conflict 88

RAC emo pop punk Czech nationalist

Conflict 88 is an RAC band from Czech Republic. They have released 5 albums, 1 live album and a demo.
Conflict 88 was formed in 1994, however they went on hiatus in 1999, mainly due to a police dragnet in Plzeň. They reformed in 2001, and it was this time they started writing mainly nationalist songs and dismissed their sometimes racist ethics. Their last album, Rudý samet was released in 2007 and there is no information, whether the band is still active.

Boj národů (The Struggle of Nations) (demo) (1994)
Braň se! (Defend Yourself) (cassette) (1996)
Hra nekončí (The Game Goes On) (1999)
Vrať se k nám (Came Back to Us) (2002)
Svatá Zem (Holy Land) (2004)
Conflict Live! (2005)
Rudý samet (Red Velvet) (2007)

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