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    There are at least 2 artists with the name College

    1 - College is the new cosmopolitan nu-disco outfit of David Grellier. His album features works with Minitel Rose, Electric Youth, and Anoraak and he is also founder of the record label Valerie. College, in Grellier's words, was an attempt "to synthesize into my music the emotions of my childhood" and was greatly influenced by American 1980s pop-culture, "80's soaps and an aesthetic which I particularly like: color, images, silvery films and the sun – images of Los Angeles, Chicago and all of the other cities that continue to fascinate me."

    In 2008, College released the album Secret Diary, alongside the EP Teenage Color.

    In 2011, the collective released a second album Northern Council. The same year, College's song "A Real Hero" was used in the soundtrack of the film Drive becoming a charting hit in France reaching #26.

    In an interview to magazine Tsugi, David Grellier said he was influenced by "nostalgic music", by the band Daft Punk, and artists like Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Lifelike, Jacques Lu Cont (Stuart Price), Nicolas Makelberge, DJ Falcon, John Carpenter and others.

    2 - College was an alternative/indie/punk band from Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo, Brazil (1999 - 2005).

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