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Colin Greenwood

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Colin Charles Greenwood (born on 26 June 1969, in Oxford) is a member of Radiohead. He usually plays the bass guitar and in latest albums he has taken to keyboards, samplers, and synthesizers. He is the older brother of fellow bandmember Jonny Greenwood. About his brother Jonny he says: "Unlike the Gallaghers we beat each other up in private and get on very well in public … It's really nice to be in a position where you're with a member of your family and you get on really well."

While an undergraduate studying English Literature at Peterhouse, Cambridge, Colin served as the college's entertainment officer, and helped arrange several gigs for the band. Later, whilst working at the music chain store Our Price, he apparently had a big hand in helping the band get off the ground. When Keith Wozencroft, nearing his run as a sales rep for EMI, entered the store one day, Colin said, "You should sign my band" and handed him their demo tape. That got it all started for the band with EMI. In 2004, Colin served as a judge for the New Generation Poets talent contest, sponsored by the Arts Council of England. His wife Molly McGrann is an American literary critic and novelist; they have a son, Jesse.

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