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Colby O'Donis

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Colby O'Donis was born in Queens, New York on March 14, 1989 to Puerto Rican parents. O'Donis's talent was discovered at age 3 when he won first place at a talent show by singing a Michael Jackson song. He would also perform at his father's flea market in Queens every weekend, just for fun.

Colby's rise to fame began at 10 when he became the youngest recording artist ever signed to Motown Records to do a song for a major motion picture soundtrack. The song titled "Mouse in the House" was featured on the 1999 Stuart Little soundtrack. Soon after, he began taking guitar lessons with Johan Oiested, a musician in Carlos Santana’s rhythm section. At age 11, he appeared regularly as an actor on the TV series Grandpa's Garage. By age 14, Colby's passion for music had him opening shows for major recording artists including JoJo, A*Teens, Hoku, S Club 7, Jump5, B-5, Backstreet Boys, Brian McKnight, 98° and 'N Sync. Shortly after his 15th birthday, Colby's parents made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles and pursue a recording deal using Colby’s 100+ song catalogue.

In July 2008, Colby released his first album, Colby O. Colby is currently working on his sophomore album, with a new single titled "I Wanna Touch You" already on radio stations. Other recorded tracks that have leaked online include "Never Fall In Love Again", "Ooh Ahh", "I'm In Love", "Shake Your Body" and "Talkin 'Bout Us".

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