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Cobra Killer and Kapajkos

experimental digital hardcore psychfolk electronic lesser known yet streamable artists

Or the one where Cobra Killer plunder their back-catalogue and re-record songs such as Heavy Rotation, Show Me Your Ruler and Helicopter 666 as eastern folk compositions, complete with three mandolins, bass, piano and all manner of percussion. Whilst on paper that may sound like an art-college concept taken well beyond its useful shelf-life, on record it all somehow works a treat! From their cheeky cover-shot down to the effusive style in which they tackle their music, it's business as usual within the world of Cobra Killer (Trost and Gina V. D'Orio), and given their gleeful anarchic streak, it should come as no surprise they decided to spin things off in such an obtuse manner. Particularly successful on the likes of 'Heavy Rotation' and 'Ist Es Farbig?', the grubby electro converts into itchy folk songs full of juddering mandolin and loquacious percussion, over which the vocals can be delivered as they always were, but sounding completely different. For those who've found the Cobra Killer sound too abrasive in the past; this may be your way in. For everyone else; it's an oddly compelling LP that allows you to reappraise a formidable back catalogue in a startlingly refreshing fashion.

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