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Clark Kent

seen live alternative rock finnish Hip-Hop electronic

Two artists by this name -

First artist is a band was formed in 2000 by Jaakko who got tired of just playing drums and singing backup vocals in his former band, and being a multi-talented person as he is he wanted to form a rock band where he would express his thoughts and feelings through lead vocals and rhythm GTR. Jukka came along from Jaakko´s old band for lead GTR and Jussi, drums, and Kusti, bass, were the best to create the masterful and tight rhythmsection of Clarkkent.

After several years of playing shows, big and small, they felt like they needed to take things further and now at last Clarkkent is making their debutalbum with producer Jonas Olsson (deep insight, callisto, collarbone, disco ensemble, etc.).

Second artist is a Glitch, Tech House, Experimental artist featured on, see track 15

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