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    Citron (Lemon) is one of the most known / groups of and . The group was founded in 1976 by experienced musicians Aleš Ulm, Olda Říha, Tolja Kohout from Katapult and Petr Michalík.
    They have recorded many singles and albums and although they split a few times, they're still playing. They have sold more than one million of record over the time, from that more than half a million were Plni energie (sold as Full of Energy at the western Europe) and Radegast.
    In 1987 they won the "Zlatý slavík" (Golden Nightingale) contest (well-known contest in Czech republic, founded in 1962, from 1991 its name is "Český slavík" - Czech Nightingale) for their album Radegast.New album 2010 Bigbítový pánbů

    Nowadays Citron is playing with their original singer Stanislav Hranický or sometimes with the newer one Ladislav Křížek (singing on Radegast album).

    Actual band members:
    Radim Pařízek - drums
    Jarda Bartoň - guitar
    Standa Hranický - vocal
    Vašek Vlasák - bass guitar, vocal
    Jura Šperl - guitar

    Previous members:
    Milan Tutsch - drums
    Petr Michalík - bass guitar
    Vladimír Kubala - vocal
    Miloslav Benýšek - guitar
    Jiří Schmutz - guitar
    Jiří Krejčí - bass guitar
    Ladislav Křížek - vocal
    Jindra Kvita - guitar
    Tibor Šándor - vocal
    Jindra Kvita - guitar
    Pavel Chodelka - guitar
    Henry Tóth - guitar
    Fany Michalík - vocal
    Pavel Novotný - guitar
    Aleš Hubáček - vocal
    Pavel Silber - bass guitar
    Libor Kozelský - guitar
    Ladislav Krečmer - guitar
    Jindra Kvita - guitar
    Stanislav Balko - guitar
    Ladislav Křížek - vocal
    Libor Kozelský - guitar


    Tropic of Cancer (Artia, 1983)
    Plni energie (Supraphon, 1986)
    Full of energy (Lava rec.,1986)
    Radegast (Supraphon, 1988)
    Radegast (angl.verze) (Lava rec.,1989)
    Vypusťte psy! (Supraphon,1990)
    Sexbomby (Direkt, 1992)
    Best of (Popron, 1999)
    Síla návratů (Popron, 2001)
    Bigbítový pánbů (Citron, 2010)

    Citron has published photos.