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Chuck Girard

christian inspirational worship praise and worship pop

    Chuck Girard is a pioneer of Contemporary Christian Music. He began a spiritual quest as a hippie in the 60’s. His journey through Eastern philosophies, Mysticism, New Age, etc., resulted in a conversion to Christianity in 1970 at the famous Jesus Movement Church, Calvary Chapel,. in Costa Mesa, CA.
    He was a founding member of “Love Song” the very first Christian rock band to become famous in the U.S., which was spawned out of Calvary Chapel.
    He became a solo artist in 1975, and wrote the song “Sometimes Alleluia”, which became the theme song for the Jimmy Swaggart telecast for many years.
    He made a major contribution the current movement in contemporary worship, putting out a unique worship album in 1994, called “Voice Of the Wind”. Jack Hayford, a famous pastor who wrote the song “Majesty”, called it the “greatest worship album he’d ever heard” at the time of it’s release. It is unique in the fact that it was recorded live, but later musically embellished. The result is what many consider a very “anointed” album, which still has great artistic and musical stature.
    Chuck continues to minister throughout the world through worship seminars, preaching, teaching and concerts.
    He is the father of Alisa Girard, a member of the well known CCM group “Zoegirl”.
    He currently resides in Franklin TN., with Karen, his wife of 35 years.

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