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Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Electronic music gurus Jaren Cerf, Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska have joined forces with each other – and with A&R Select, Hollywood’s hottest indie A&R firm – to bring dance floor visitors to their knees. Or rather they’ve teamed up to get people on their feet!

What they do is create hook-laden, melody rich, highly textured dance compositions – everything ranging from progressive house to progressive trance and all ports in between.

This group of aural engineers already has seven tracks signed to major dance labels, such as Solaris, Deep Blue, Somatic Sense, Baroque, Fraction, Ultra, Innovate and more. Two of these are freshly released tracks: “Let Me Breathe” (Solaris) and “So Much More” (Innovate).

“What helps drive these artists’ music is the solid expression of emotion Jaren, Matt and Shawn pack into every track,” according to a spokesman for A&R Select.

Says Jaren, “Music takes us through every type of emotion. It’s a way for us to harness memories and make them more easily accessible. Mostly we feel really incredible and ready to take on the world after listening to a good song!”

Jaren also goes on to say that music is an integral fuel of her very life. “Music is a life force for me.”

The members of this group of cohorts draw inspiration from each other to add octane to the music. “I’m inspired by Matt. He never gives up, never takes no for an answer and he never settles.”

Collectively, this batch of talented artists has considerable experience and acclaim in their chosen scene. Matt has opened for SolarStone and was signed by Paul Van Dyk early in his career. He has been labeled “the next big thing in dance music!”

Shawn has opened for most major DJs working the dance floors today and has been at the decks since he was 13. At the young age of 20, he’s already a solidly established DJ. Jaren has been dubbed “the best voice in dance music” by a number of movers and shakers in the industry.

These three talents hope to take on live performances following the signing for their debut album. They’ve set their sights not only on the United States, but Europe, as well, where they have a number of connections.

According to this trio of dance power, “We really love what we do and we’re looking forward to one heck of a hectic year!”

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