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    Cascada is comprised of singer Natalie Horler and two German DJs and producers, Yanou and DJ Manian. Natalie was born in Bonn, Germany on September 23 1981, and is of English descent. Cascada, formerly known as Cascade, is recognized around the world as the trio behind the hit single "Everytime We Touch", a cover of the Maggie Reilly song.

    Everytime We Touch was released in the United States by Robbins Entertainment in December 2005, and peaked at #10 on March 11, 2006 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #5 on the Billboard Pop 100 chart, #4 on the Billboard Hot Digital chart, and #1 on the Billboard Dance Radio Airplay chart. It peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Charts. Robbins has stated that they are excited by the success of this single without a ballad version to carry it on radio, even though after the Everytime We Touch album was released, stations also started playing the new Candlelight Mix.

    Cascada’s first single Miracle which was released in Germany in March 2004. It would go on to be a success in that country and consequently grab the attention of Robbins Entertainment, the American label responsible for breaking European club and rhythmic artists like DJ Sammy, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, Narcotic Thrust and D.H.T. onto the US pop market.

    Cascada's first album, titled Everytime We Touch, was released in 2006 and peaked at #67 on the US Billboard 200, #3 on the US Billboard Top Electric Albums and #2 on the UK Album Charts. Cascada released a total of 8 singles from the album in different countries, including their first single Miracle, their breakthrough single Everytime We Touch and a few others such as Bad Boy, How Do You Do, Ready For Love, A Never Ending Dream and a cover of Savage Garden's Truly, Madly, Deeply.

    Their second album, titled Perfect Day, was released in late 2007 and peaked at #70 on the US Billboard 200, #9 on the UK Albums Chart and #2 on the US Billboard Top Electric Albums. Cascada released 5 songs from this album, 3 in the US and 3 in the UK. What Hurts The Most, written by Jeffrey Steele, was the title track from the album peaking at #52 on the US Billboard Hot 100, #29 on the US Billboard Pop 100, #1 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay and #10 on the UK Singles Chart. Faded and Perfect Day were released in the US, with What Do You Want From Me? and Because The Night being released in the UK.

    Their third album, Evacuate The Dancefloor, was released July 3. 2009. It reached #8 on the UK album chart, although it did not do so well commercial elsewhere, failing to reach the top 10 in any other country. The title single Evacuate The Dancefloor (Radio Edit) went straight into #1 in the UK singles charts, holding off competition from the late Michael Jackson. It is Cascada's first #1 in the UK. The single also reached #1 in Holland, and the top 10 in 13 other countries including Australia and Canada. It peaked at #25 in America. Fever was the second single (third in the UK) and was released October 9th 2009. It peaked at inside the top 20 in 4 countries. Dangerous was the final single from the album. It peaked at #3 in Slovenia, #10 in Finland and #67 on the UK singles chart, respectively.

    Cascada has so far sold 11 million album copies, making them the most sucessful German dance act.

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