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Carsten Nicolai

electronic minimal experimental glitch raster-noton

AKA Alva Noto & Noto, born in the east German city of Karl-Marx-Stadt in 1965, Nicolai first studied architecture and landscape design before pursuing an interest in the theoretical properties of sound and space. Resettling in Berlin in the early '90s, Nicolai founded the experimental music label Noton.Archiv Fuer Ton Und Nichtton as a platform for his conceptual and experimental musical concerns; which finally took shape as a 12-issue CD and magazine series called 20 to 2000, released in 1999 and 2000 on Raster-Noton Records, which had merged his own label with Olaf Bender's Rastermusic concern. With that conceptual masterwork out of the way (he had done some small-scale recordings and performances dating as far back as 1996).

Carsten Nicolai has published photos.