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Carnal Diafragma

goregrind grindcore Czech porngrind Czech Republic

      Carnal Diafragma begins its first attempts to compose music in 1997, when three schoolmates Robert and Kamen decided to create a new underground band. Robert played the guitar in Ostravian death metal band CADAVEROUS NOISE, Kamen bought his drums and a month later Milan joined the band with his anomalous vocal. This line-up played until the beginning of 1999 and 3 various bassguitar-players tried to play there. The band released its first demo tape called "We´ll cut your head off and fucking your neck" at the beginning of 1999, which had been recorded in their practice room without bass. Their "music" could be called a gory noise.

      In April 99 Stezi joins the band and the band releases its second demo tape "Live in Havirov", where their music starts to change to more serious grindcore. Stezi leaves the band due to his personal problems at the end of 99 and David joins the band at the beginning of 2000. About a half of year later Stezi comes back and we start to play with two basses. We play at some concerts and we go to Fors studio in order to record our first MCD which should be released by Khaaranus Prod..Michal Cichy de recommends us to record some new songs. We play some gigs and in November 2000 we go back to recording studio Fors in Cesky Tesin,in order to record all our prepared material for our first MCD which was supposed to be released by Khaaranus Prod.. Michal Cichý recommended us to record a few minutes of our noise more, thus in April 01 we went back to Fors studio and a couple of months later 1000 pieces of "Preparation of the Patients for Examination" CD went out. Few songs from this release appeared on compilations such as: Tribute to GUT, Tribute to Regurgitate, Amore Gore Mio and on split tape with P.I.T. from Slovakia.

      In April 2002 we go to Jamy u Zdar nad Sazavou to record 10 new songs which are used for split MCD with Bizarre Embalming from Czech Republic, 7"EP vinyle with ULCERRHOEA from Germany and for split CD-R with PULMONARY FIBROSIS from France. All 10 songs are also released as "Daddy´s Steak" tape with 3 songs from our practice room as a bonus. In summer we play at Obscene Extreme 2002 and start composing songs for our following CD. In summer 2003 Kamen had a very serious accident and broke his atlas. We did not play and know if we were going to play but Kamen was a hard guy and recovered very quickly behind his drum set.

      In spring 2004 Stezi leaves the band and joins local CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, who are looking for a bass player at that time. He is been playing there until now. After Stezi´s leave we start playing just with one bass and our music changes slowly and we are influenced by crust and punk as well. Later on we record all songs in Sopa studio and all of them are released as our second full CD called "Space Symphony Around Us" by Lecter Music Agency in March 2006.

      In May 2006 Kamen is sacked from the band due to his serious drug addiction which had caused many problems to our band. Very soon we found Pode, a young enthusiastic drummer from Ostrava, who joined the band and the whole band got a new impulse which we had needed very much. We are back even in fuller strength now!!!!!!!

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