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Carlos Libedinsky

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Musician, composer, arranger, singer and guitarist.
After experimenting with different styles of music, leading rock, blues and pop groups (La Pera and Arqueros), contemporary music (Duo de guitarrs imago) bringing about the formation of Emilio del Guercio and in the group of Renaissance and Medieval Music "Música Ficta" in 1992 he entered the world of tango music, with the duet ¨Los Mareados¨, developing a traditional repertoire along with his own work.

He also composes original music for shows, in the San Martín Theatre of¨La Comedia de las evocaciones¨ by William Shakespeare and ¨Alan in Vulcania¨ both directed by Claudio Hochman; ¨Emociones Simples¨ for the group ¨La trup¨, in the theatre Regina; ¨ Clun ¨, ¨ Luna ¨, and the musical adaption of ¨ The Magic Flute¨by Mozart, for the ¨ Clun ¨ group, directed by Marcelo Katz, in the Auditorium of the C.C. Recoleta.

In 1985 he founded the music institute TADEMUS, in the Belgrano area,of which he has been the director until the present day. The institute includes a team of 20 teachers in all specialties and around 180 students.

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