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post-hardcore metalcore screamo christian hardcore

    Camisado is a 5-piece post-metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. The blend of heavy riffing, intense breakdowns, passionate lyrics, ominous tones and catchy chorus’ is Camisado’s defining sound that will catch your ear and find a place in your heart. This always-evolving band continues to delight fans with their single “I’m a Dreamer, Not a Realist” off their 2010 release of “The Life I’m Missing,” and "Deception Never Looked So Good" and "Are You Still Alive?" off of their 2011 release "Pulse." Their highly anticipated album titled, “Faceless,” released in October of 2012 and has already proven to be one of the top releases of 2012 with the singles "Shoot The Messenger," "Straitjacket," and "Faceless."

    "… I stand here shocked, impressed, and advocating for the Baltimore based group." - William Howard - Highlight Magazine

    "… it’s impossible to not feel a sense of relief. Relief that an artist gets it, and understands what needed to be done. This album needed to be released, and it’s here." - Mario Trevizo - Fans4Bands

    "…Their unique version of post-metalcore goes off the beaten track, pushes the boundaries in a way that leads to the sound that does hook listeners." - Olga Polomoshnova - New Junk

    With their new and improved sound and awe-inspiring live show, Camisado is making strides and making their name known. Don’t miss out on Camisado live, in a city near you!

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