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mpb brazilian folk indie alternative

Cícero Lins was born in Rio de Janeiro and is a Brazilian singer-songwriter with great influences from and besides artists like Radiohead and Caetano Veloso.

In June of 2011 he recorded his first album, Canções de Apartamento (Apartment Songs), and released it for free at his official website. It was recorded in his own lo-fi studio, at his apartment.

In addition to piano and guitar, the album includes many other musical instruments such as accordion, tambourine and electric guitar, which accompanied his whispered lyrics about loneliness, passion, nostalgia and memories.

In August of 2013, he released his second album, named Sábado (Saturday), and has also made it available for free download at his official website. The album was recorded at several houses where the musician had been, counting with the collaboration of many friends.

His latest album A Praia was also freely released on his official website on March 2015.

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