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Burial and Four Tet

dubstep electronic ambient idm dub

There are some dream collaborations that you would probably sell your granny for, or at least her thimble and china elephant collection, but who could have imagined a marriage between old grade school classmates. The 12 inch release, comprising only two tracks, is a conflation of Britain's most eminent and prolific electronic artists Four Tet and Burial. 'Wolf Cub' is comprised of a beautiful tribal rhythm that is reminiscent of two-step garage. Yet instead of the paranoid urban hiss, crackle, and ghostly atmospherics of Burial's production, the majority of this tune's body resembles Hebden's finest work– that chiming, cascading kaleidoscopic wall of SOUND that builds beyond control. The second track, 'Moth,' adds a nice contrast. The beat is subdued throughout and has a house-y TR-808 sound that feels familiar. But unlike generic house music, 'Moth' is dynamic: a haunting synth melody rolls over sprinkling chinks, chimes, atmospheric and urban noise as a spectral female voice echoes into space. To listeners familiar with the two collaborators, 'Moth' resembles Burial's previous work, while 'Wolf Club' contains earmarks from Hebden's solo endeavors.

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