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Bryson Tiller

rnb Hip-Hop trap soul rap

Bryson Tiller (born January 2, 1993) is an American singer-songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. Early approval from Timbaland and Drake boosted the career of Bryson Tiller, a contemporary R&B songwriter and singer – a self-termed "trap soul" artist who also raps – from Louisville, Kentucky. Tiller made waves with SoundCloud uploads like "Don't," "Break Bread," "Let 'Em Know," and "Sorry Not Sorry." "Don't," a sparse ballad, was given an official release in May 2015. Around the same time, Tiller was featured on Kam Wil's "I Want You" and Tyrant's "Lime Light." While social media activities fueled speculation regarding Tiller's affiliation with Drake's OVO Sound label, the artist opted to sign with major-label RCA, home to Tinashe and Miguel. T R A P S O U L, his debut album, was released in October 2015.

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