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post-hardcore screamo metalcore rock post hardcore

There are three artists that have used this name:
1. A post-hardcore band from Florida
2. A rock band from Texas
3. A reggae band from Jamaica
4. A hip hop group.

1. Broadway is a post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida formed in 2007.
Broadway appeared in 2007 with the release of their self titled EP, recorded and produced by Lee Dyess. Broadway won The University of Central Florida's Battle of the Bands in 2007. They have performed with national acts such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Mayday Parade, A Change of Pace, Four Letter Lie, Wheatus, Melee, and Rory.


Misha Camacho - Vocals
Sean Connors - Guitar
Gabriel Fernandez - Bass
Jake Garland - Drums

Released Albums:

Kingdoms (2009)
Gentlemen's Brawl (2012)

2. Broadway (now known as Belle Epoque) is a Texas rock band with five (5) members. They draw influences from the likes of underOATH, Poison the Well and the early stages of Hopesfall; Broadway spent the last three years fine tuning their live show while drawing one of the biggest crowds in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

3. Broadway were a reggae band in the '70s. 'Guns in the Ghetto', recorded at Randy's Studio is particularly well known, being released on the Pressure Sounds album 'Randy's: 17 North Parade' and sampled by Dub Syndicate for their collaboration with Gregory Issacs 'Kingston 14'.

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