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Brandon Reilly

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Brandon Reilly (born May 18, 1981) first cut his teeth with the Long Island Hardcore band Confide, featuring Gregory Catanese of Forklift Driver. Brandon best described the sound of Confide as "Tripface fighting One4One in an alley behind a laundromat while Snapcase tried to break it up."

After Confide disbanded due to the music going in a more emotional style, Brandon joined up and helped form The Rookie Lot. The band played locally and released a demo tape, as well as a split 7" with fellow Long Islanders, Yearly.

The Rookie Lot dissolved, seeing Brandon join The Movielife as the lead guitarist whilst other members formed the band Brand New.

After The Movielife broke up he formed Nightmare of You, an eclectic mix of British pop and indie volumetrics. He began writing his own songs while still in The Movielife. Before beginning Nightmare of You he had never done vocals, he was admittedly "a little scared" of singing, he thought his voice was "not tempered to be a vocalist, especially not a lead vocalist."

Brandon Reilly has published photos.