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Bowling for Soup

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    Bowling for Soup (acronym: BFS, or sometimes B4S) is a band based in Denton, Texas (but originally from Wichita Falls, Texas) formed in 1994 from the remains of an old metal band. Quoting Jaret Reddick, the lead singer, "we wanted to make happy music". They're known for their often humorous lyrics, upbeat guitar riffs, and Jaret's distinctive voice.

    They are best known for their singles "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" in 2002 on Drunk Enough to Dance which was nominated for a 2003 Grammy Award for "Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo" and "1985" (originally written by Mitch Allan of SR-71) in 2004 on A Hangover You Don't Deserve. Speaking with Songfacts about "Girl All The Bad Girls Want" in a 2010 interview, Reddick said: "'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' was my very first co-write ever, and me and Butch Walker sat in a room and literally wrote that song in 30 minutes. I mean, it was done."

    The band's name is derived from comedian Steve Martin's "Bowling for Sh*t" routine from his 1978 comedy album, Wild and Crazy Guy, itself a reference to Bowling for Dollars. Jaret Reddick has also stated that at the end of his last performance with his old band one of the members came on stage and proclaimed "Come back next week when we play with our new band… BOWLING FOR SOUP!". This was supposed be to be joke name, but since they couldn't think of anything better the name stuck. Their single '1985' can be found on the UK and the Norwegian editions of Singstar Rocks for the PS2.

    They have also became hits on Radio Disney with edits of "1985", "Punk Rock 101", "High School Never Ends", and the inclusion of their version of "I Melt With You" in the Disney movie "Sky High". They have also written and recorded "Today is Gonna Be a Great Day" as the theme song for Disney's "Phineas and Ferb"

    Band Lineup:
    Jaret Reddick - Lead Vocals/guitar
    Chris Burney - Guitar/vocals
    Erik Chandler - Bass/vocals
    Gary Wiseman - Drums

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