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Blood Stain Child

Melodic Death Metal japanese J-Metal metal death metal

    BLOOD STAIN CHILD is a band from the city of Osaka, Japan. They are influenced by , , and also elements. The band formed under the name "VISION QUEST" in 1999, but reformed under the name BLOOD STAIN CHILD in 2000.

    BLOOD STAIN CHILD was formed in 2000 by RYO (vocal, bass), RYU (guitar), DAIKI (guitar), AKI (keyboard), and VIOLATOR (drums). In August 2000, BLOOD STAIN CHILD recorded their first demo, which consisted of the songs "Silence Of Northern Hell", "Requiem", and "Legend Of Dark". The band sent that demo to a radio station and the DJ enjoyed the music so much that he recommended the band to the record label, M&I Company, who eventually signed BLOOD STAIN CHILD.

    In 2001, BLOOD STAIN CHILD recorded two songs, "The World" and "Steel Flame". The first song was used as the theme song for professional wrestler, Kensuke Sasaki and the second song was used as the theme song for the 30th anniversary of NJPW, a professional wrestling group. In July 2002, BLOOD STAIN CHILD released their debut studio album, Silence Of Northern Hell. In October 2002, BLOOD STAIN CHILD was the supporting act for Dream Evil during their tour in Japan. In June 2003, BLOOD STAIN CHILD released their second studio album, Mystic Your Heart, which was co-produced by Anssi Kippo, a popular producer from Finland.

    In March 2005, DAIKI left the band and was replaced by SHIROMASA in April. That same year, BLOOD STAIN CHILD released their third studio album, IDOLATOR, which takes a big leap towards mixing metal and electronica genres and which was co-produced by Tue Madsen, a popular producer from Denmark. In 2006, BLOOD STAIN CHILD signed with Dockyard 1 and released Idolator in Europe on November 27, 2006. IDOLATOR was later released in the United States through Locomotive Records on July 17, 2007.

    In April 2007, BLOOD STAIN CHILD announced the addition of a new vocalist, SADEW, and a new guitarist, G.S.R. In July 18, 2007, BLOOD STAIN CHILD released their fourth studio album, MOZAIQ, in Japan, which was also co-produced by Tue Madsen. It was then released in Europe on July 20, 2007 with an exclusive bonus track "Cosmic Highway". The album introduced a more unique style and increased the use of electro elements (mainly trance) mixed with metal, creating their unique style of trance metal.

    Since the release of MOZAIQ, the band has been performing live shows in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. The band is currently in the process of producing their next album. The track "ETERNAL ProtOTypE-D" was released as a demo on June 13, 2009.

    On June 12, 2010, RYU announced on his official blog that SADEW withdrew from the band due to personal reasons. Drummer VIOLATOR left the band as well, in order to take care of family business. RYU stated that the band will announce its new line-up soon, and that the band will keep evolving and will continue to go strong and reach for new levels.

    On July 21, 2012, SOPHIA officially announced that she is leaving BLOOD STAIN CHILD. New singer KiKi joined the band on December 3.

    A notable feature of BLOOD STAIN CHILD is their tendency to incorporate both dance and trance related themes and elements into their music. The band's sound includes death vocals complemented at times by clean vocals.

    Current Members
    Vocal: KiKi (2012-present)
    Vocal, Bass: RYO (2000–present)
    Guitar: RYU (2000–present)
    Guitar: G.S.R (2007–present)
    Keyboard: AKI (2000–present)
    Drums: GAMI (2010-present)

    Former Members
    Vocal: SADEW (2007–2010)
    Vocal: SOPHIA (2010-2012)
    Guitar: DAIKI (2000–2005)
    Guitar: SHIROMASA (2005–2007)
    Drums: VIOLATOR (2000–2010)

    2000.XX.XX Demo 2000 (Demo)
    2001.XX.XX The World (Demo)
    2002.07.17 Silence Of Northern Hell (Album)
    2003.06.18 MYSTIC YOUR HEART (Album)
    2005.08.18 IDOLATOR (Album)
    2007.07.18 MOZAIQ (Album)
    2007.XX.XX FRUITY BEATS (Tour-only EP)
    2008.XX.XX FRUITY BEATS 2 (Tour-only EP)
    2008.12.13 FRUITY BEATS 3 (Tour-only EP)
    2009.XX.XX FRUITY BEATS 4 (Tour-only EP)
    2009.XX.XX FRUITY BEATS 5 (Tour-only EP)
    2010.XX.XX FRUITY BEATS 6 (Tour-only EP)
    2011.06.15 εpsilon (Album)

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