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Bleach is the name of more than one band: a British shoegaze group, an all-girl Japanese rock trio and an American Christian rock group.

1. Bleach (UK)
The British shoegaze band Bleach was formed in Ipswich in 1989 by brothers Neil (guitar) and Nick Singleton (bass) together with former Anglian TV researcher Salli Carson (vocals) and drummer Steve Scott. Between 1990 and 1993 the band produced two EPs, a mini-album and two full length albums, plus several singles. There was also a compilation album of singles.

Bleach were often described as being at the forefront of the so-called ‘shoegazing’ scene, but despite critical acclaim never managed to achieve the popularity of bands like Curve, Ride and Slowdive. Bleach’s music is actually very varied, encompassing hard-edged psychedelia, grunge, neo-funk and mellow, almost pastoral Cocteau Twins style dreamscapes.

2. Bleach (JP)
Bleach (alternatively called Bleach03 or Bleachmobile) was an all-female punk trio from Okinawa, Japan. The members included, Kanna on guitar and vocals, Miya on bass and Sayuri on drums. Kanna was the primary lyricist. Citing artistic differences, Bleach disbanded on June 10, 2009, less than a month before the release of their final album "bleach stone."

Several early singles were released prior to their first full length, "Kibaku-Zai" (Triggering Device), which was released in 2000. In 2001, the band released three EPs including "Hadaka No Jo" (Naked Queen) to a growing audience. In 2003, Bleach released the EP "Canary Teikoku No Gyakushu" (Canary Empire Strikes Back) and, later that year, a full-length entitled "Bleach." In 2003, due to a growing audience outside of Japan, a UK label released "Three Girls From Okinawa," which consists of "Naked Queen" and three cuts from the earlier "Triggering Device." In 2007, to the delight of their growing fan base, Bleach released "The Head That Controls Both Right And Left Sides Eats Meats And Slobbers Even Today."

After 2001 Bleach played four times at the SXSW Festival, each time adding additional dates in the US, including the legendary, but now-defunct, CBGB in New York. In 2003, they played the Rising Sun Rock Festival in Japan. Their live shows were memorable, if for nothing other than the raw force unleashed by these three diminutive "girls from Okinawa".

It is hard to classify their music, as they took from multiple genres and fused it in to their own signature sound. According to Culture Bully "(T)he initial impression (is) that you’re listening to an epileptic fit by three teenage girls." Their music was tight and powerful, with moments of raw aggression that can stop on a dime. Miya's bass playing was, in the words of one critic, "world-class".

3. Bleach (US)
Bleach is a Nashville-based Christian rock band that formed at Kentucky Christian University, in Grayson, Kentucky. Formed in 1995, Bleach originally went by the name Blueberry Muffin. They disbanded in 2004, but reformed in 2010.

In 1997 Bleach earned a Dove Award in the category of Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year for their song "Epidermis Girl," which was released on their debut album Space.

In 2003 the members of Bleach announced that they were going to disband. After the announcement, the band said goodbye to their fans in the form of a farewell tour, which was followed by the final album Farewell Old Friends. Bleach's "last show" was performed on August 29, 2004, in Nashville, Tennessee, but on March 13, 2005, Bleach performed a reunion show to benefit the Aaron Marrs Memorial Fund. They also performed a reunion show at The O.C. Supertones's last show, which was held at Biola University on October 7, 2005.

Bleach's sound was often compared to Weezer or what is sometimes referred to as alternative or geek rock.

Bleach has published photos.