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Benny Benassi

electronic House techno dance trance

    Marco Benassi, better known as Benny Benassi (born in Milan, 13 July 1967) is an Italian disc jockey and a euro house artist.

    He usually works in studio with cousin Alle Benassi. The two also produce tracks together under the name Benassi Bros. The duo started DJing in the late 80s in their hometown, before moving to Larry Pignagnoli's Off Limits production studio in the mid 90s, creating music for various acts, including Whigfield, J.K. and Ally & Jo.

    His first big international hit was I Feel So Fine, released as KMC with vocals by Dhany in 2001. After moving from eurohouse to electro, he had another successful hit single "Satisfaction" in 2003 and 2004. This reached Number 2 on the OCC UK Top 75 chart after the Ministry of Sound record company replaced the original video (an almost still picture of the band overlayed with graphics) with a video of models using power tools. Some of his singles have charted high in the United Kingdom and have been played world-wide in clubs. Benassi also remixes the music of his contemporaries, such as DJ Tomcraft and Fischerspooner.

    Recently, Benny created a record label known as Pump-Kin Music. The focus of the label is primarily new and unsigned producers. Through this venture, he hopes to give exposure to some of the lesser known DJ/production talent across the world.

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