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Bedwetters was born in 2004. Since then the line-up has changed several times. The band consists of five members: Joosep Järvesaar, Mihkel Mõttus, Karl-Kristjan Kingi, Kaspar Koppel and Rauno Kutti.

In 2007, Bedwetters won the young band contest and they were recognized as the best young band in Estonia. They also received an award - making their own music video, and it’s been a hectic time for Bedwetters ever since.

As new winds are blowing, the band hopes to make it big on the world stage. They are planning to start making their debut album in autumn, so it will hopefully be released in the beginning of the year 2008.

In 2007 they won New Sounds Of Europe award at EMAs! They were the first Estonians to ever win anything at EMAs.

Their debute album "Meet the F#cking Bedwetters" came out on the 20th of April in 2009 and was produced and engineered in Sweden by Petter Lantz at Gargamel Studio. Mastering done by Dragan Tanaskovic at BohusSound Studio

The first single off the album is the song "Long.Some.Distance" and the presentation of the album took place at Tapper on May 1st in Tallinn.

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