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    Beastcraft was a black metal band from Norway. Formed in 2003, so far they have released two full-length albums, three demos, two split albums and a compilation of old demos. A last concert was made in honour of Trondr Nefas.


    2004 - Pentagram Sacrifice (Demo)
    2004 - Satanic Supremacy (Demo)
    2005 - Crowning The Tyrant (Demo)
    2005 - Into The Burning Pit Of Hell (First album)
    2006 - Dawn Of The Serpent (Collectional)
    2007 - Celebration of Christ's Death (Split With Orcist)
    2007 - Satanisk Norsk Black Metal (Split With Urgehal)
    2007 - Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen
    2012 - Dawn of the Serpent - Trinitatis Infernalis - In Memoriam of Alastor Nefas (Boxed set)
    2013 - Unpure Invocation of Alastor Nefas (Live album)
    2015 - Sacrilegious Epitaph of the Deathspawned Legacy (Compilation)

    A third full-length is also planned. It is called 'The Infernal Gospels of Devil Worship' and it will be released by Eerie Art Records.

    Beastcraft has published photos.