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Bamses Venner

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Bamses Venner is a Danish musical group that has been performing together since 1973.

Bamses Venner represented Denmark in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with the entry "Tænker altid på dig" (ranked 14th (19 countries) and has received 25 points.

In 1980 the band was composed of Flemming Bamse Jørgensen (lead vocals, nicknamed "Bamse," which literally means "Teddy Bear" - but also refers to joviality and chubbiness), Mogens Balle (piano/organ), Bjarne Green (guitar), and Arne Østergaard (drums). As of 2004, the band consists of Flemming Jørgensen (vocals), Peter Bødker (piano/organ/guitar), Frank Thøgersen (drums), Torben Fausø (keyboards) and Jes Kerstein (guitar). Bamses Venner sings in Danish.

Eurovision Song Contest 1980 - The Hague
Entry for Denmark

Performer: Bamses Venner
Song title: Tænker Altid På Dig
Song writer(s): Flemming Jørgensen
Song composer(s): Bjarne Gren-Jensen

Sang in Position: 7
Final Position: 14
Total Points: 25

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